Pro Edge Paintball

Pro Edge Paintball Store serves the Houston Paintball community by carrying paintball equipment, paintball gear and clothing of all kinds.

Pro Edge Paintball - Pro Edge Paintball Store serves the Houston Paintball community by carrying paintball equipment, paintball gear and clothing of all kinds.

Paintball Equipment Repair Houston

Paintball Gun Repair & Maintenance: Pro Edge Paintball’s tech staff has the knowledge and experience to repair and maintain your paintball gun properly.

Paintball Gun Repairs*** take 3-5 Business days in most cases except for when special ordered parts are needed. If special parts are needed, repairs could take up to 3-4 weeks. The cost to take in, diagnose a paintball gun repair is $15. For example, if for some reason we are unable to repair your paintball gun you will only pay $15 to cover the time to check out and attempt to repair your gun.

The cost to repair a paintball gun is  is $25 + Parts.



Pro Edge Paintball is unable to repair paintball guns over 10 years old. Most of the parts for these guns are no longer manufactured.

For Example- Autocockers, Defiants, Angels, 4×4 Shockers, Automags, Evil Pimps

We no longer repair the following guns-

Angels of any year.
Evil Pimps
4×4 Shockers
Smart Parts SFT Shocker
Smart Parts Impulse (Any Year)
Planet Eclipse Egos or Eteks older than 2007
Bob Long Guns older than 2007
Alien Paintball Guns
Automags, Minimags or any Airgun Designs
Autocockers of any year.

We do not repair Planet Eclipse Egos or Eteks older than 2007, most parts for these guns are discontinued.
We do not repair Bob Long guns older than 2007.
We are unable to repair solenoid issues on Proto Matrix Rail PMR paintball guns 2008 or older. These solenoids are no longer produced.

Contact Bob Long directly for assistance in repairing the older models of Bob long guns.


Bob Long Direct Technical Support- (209) 293-4440
Fix My – (916) 343-6527
Smart Parts- (724) 520 8690
Airgun Designs –

We are closed Sundays and Mondays.

Due to Fridays and Saturdays being our busiest days of the week, we are typically unable to do walk in repairs during these days.

We offer a quick turn a round on paintball gun repairs and warranty our work! If you have a similar issue within 2 weeks of you having your gun repaired at our store bring it back and we won’t charge you for additional labor.


Free Lifetime Service Warranty- Don’t receive free cleanings for life on your gun?

Our Lifetime Service package consists of basic cleaning of the gun of your choice as long as you own it. Free Labor for Life for $100 or purchase your next gun through us and receive this service for FREE.
Price-$100 One time charge (Per gun) + Parts cost


Electronic Loader Repair* Purchase your loader from Pro Edge Paintball and receive free service for life (Free Labor). The tech staff of Pro Edge Paintball has been trained by the manufacturers to repair electronic feeders, if you did not purchase it from us we will be capable of repairing your loader.
Price-$10 + Parts


Tank Repair* Working with High Pressure can be very dangerous and the tech staff of Pro Edge Paintball have the knowledge to safely work on and repair your high pressure air system. Pro Edge Paintball’s staff can repair C02 tanks as well.
Price-$10 + Parts


If you are looking for technical help on your paintball gun and are the type of person that likes to try to do paintball gun repairs for yourself you can visit this site for paintball manuals to help you out. You can also visit the Pro Edge You Tube Channel.

***Repaired items that are left at Pro Edge Paintball 1 year from the date of being dropped off for repair will be sold for the cost of the repair.